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Some of the many ways that we celebrate – Easter through to the Summer……

Seeing the Goodness of God in the Land of the Living.

At our Ash Wednesday Service 10 days ago,
I began our Lenten Season calling it “the Awkward Season.”
Awkward because as liberal-type Christian Protestants,
we’re not sure just what to do with it

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Paper airplanes and Play-Dough in church? Yes!

Join us on our journey through Lent …

Devilish Distractions

For a Gospel text that is ostensibly a portrait of a solitary man in a barren wilderness, digging deep into the inner recesses of his soul, this text is crowded with characters: the Holy Spirit, for one.

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A Transfiguration Story.

The disciples were travelling with Jesus throughout the countryside, and he was busy healing people, and telling them all about the Dream of God – you know the one, about people loving one another enough to make the world a better place, – the one about forgiving others when they hurt us, and working hard to make sure people aren’t hungry, or cold, or left out, or bullied.

Called to the Edge.

It started off well for him, heading back home;
being asked to read at the Sabbath synagogue meeting was a honour,
and he appears to have done it well.
He opens the scroll to one of the most resounding of God’s promises contained in Scripture;
that God is sending an anointed one – a Messiah, a Christ

God’s Body Shop

I wonder….. am I a hand? Maybe I’m a foot?
No…. I think I’m something inside, like an artery!
Then again, I could be a nose-hair or something…..

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