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Thank you to Bob Birnie, project leader, and the entire Chancel Redesign Team for their amazing transformation of the front of Cedar Park’s sanctuary. This was accomplished in record time and in record heat and humidity levels in July. The project was ambitious, and many people must be thanked for their leadership and their labour for the first phase of the sanctuary renewal that has been in the planning stage for 25 years.

According to Bob Birnie, in the chancel the choir is finally facing the congregation, and the walls have been insulated. The balcony has a floor and safe access via the new attic ladder. Additional space is now available for wheelchairs and scooters in the nave. The wooden doors in the hallways have been refinished. Cedar Park has begun the physical renewal of its building to better serve its congregation and community.

Sanctuary reno phase 1

Bob would like to express his appreciation to the leaders of the various projects:

Ron Williams, architect
Douglas Knight, designer
John Lanthier, contractor
Dick Hovey, riser design
Bruce Walsh, construction

He also thanks the volunteers who gave generously of their time and labour:

Elizabeth Chown
Steve Cole
Noreen Cole
Rick Fazjel
William Fazjel
Eugene Fudge
Derek Grout
Michael Grout
Dick Hovey
Jason Jennings
Elizabeth Jones
Norman Jones
Tom Kingsbury
Ernie Kirkham
Douglas Knight
Susan Knight
John Lanthier
Marc LeClare
Sabra Ledent
Stuart Logie
Dan McLaren
Caitlin McLaren
Peter Purich
Marco Purich
Leo Purich
Vincent Randy
Gary Spiller
Paul Stejskal
Graeme Sutherland
Bruce Walsh
Nancy Walsh
Ron Williams

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