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We’re glad you’ve landed here…and you’ll find the most updated information on our new website,

We’ve launched a secondary website to make it easy for ANYONE to find us, find out who we are and find out how to connect with what we do.

We’ve launched a secondary website to make it easy for ANYONE to find us, find out who we are and find out how to connect with what we do.

Whoever you are and wherever you happen to be, you’re invited to celebrate Resurrection and new life with us on Easter Sunday!

You’re invited to participate in our Good Friday worship experience on Facebook Live.

You’re invited to participate as we mark these days of Holy Week together.

Access our at-home resource for you to use throughout Holy Week. This is for everyone!

This is the Lent where God reaches out to us to say, “I am with you in this Wilderness.”
You’re invited to journey through this season with us.

You’re warmly invited to participate in our Christmas Eve worship experiences.

Here’s where you’ll find all the dates, times and access information for Advent events at Cedar Park.

This includes Sunday worship, all in-house programming and weekday gatherings.

Against All The Odds: Joy!

Joy shall come to the wilderness! – all the more exuberant for its unexpected interruption into the narrative of dormancy, or worse, death.

It starts with a stump (the price for a Peaceable Kindom)

Is it possible for God’s new life to appear precisely in those places we assume to be dead?

Hope for the World: A World for Hope

Which one is it, Isaiah?
Which vision is the true Word of God that you saw?
Is it the iniquity, callousness and utter desolation,
or is it the holy mountain to whom the nations stream
in shafts of peaceful light?
Which do you see?
Which do you find easier to believe to be true?

Orange Cars and Butterflies: Christ’s Reign of Compassion

So it is with this reign of Christ,
this kingdom of God;
or to put it in Cedar Park language,
so it is with this Dream of God made known in flesh and bone,
in Jesus Christ, and in each one of us.
It’s out there, around us, waiting to be noticed,
just like orange cars.

(How) To Be the Ones Who Show Compassion

We are called to be neighbour
to our earth siblings in need.
We are called to be “The Ones who show compassion.”

A Call to Compassion: A Response to War and Violence

Today’s text stops with the encouraging words of Jesus
to all who have chosen to be a neighbour to those in need,
that they/we have done it to no less than Christ himself,
and they are welcomed with open arms into the kin-dom of God.

Click here to access your map to Cedar Park United. Which line are you on? Where are you headed? Where do you want to get off to explore? Cliquez ici pour acceder à votre carte pour l’église unie Cedar Park. Vous êtes sur quelle ligne? Vous partez dans quelle direction? Où voulez-vous descendre pour explorer?

July at Cedar Park is “Sabbath Time.” Worship will resume on August 5. Download your 2018 Summer Sabbath Guide here.

Every July at Cedar Park United, we purposefully put our programming and meetings on “pause” so we can slow down, pay attention and notice the wonders of everything around us.

Lay the groundwork for healthy, loving relationships.

Tot Time takes on a new name this year

No Sunday morning worship at Cedar Park during July,

G-Force: God’s Love in Action is the theme of our August 17-21 VBC!

CPU receives $35,000 from federal government

Community choir’s concert proceeds donated to cancer wellness centre.

Halloween night 2014 at Cedar Park was a rocking affair!

Sue Smith interviews our Family and Youth Ministries Coordinator about Halloween for Hunger.

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