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Please click on the link in this post to worship with the Cedar Park United community this Christmas Eve worship. CPU Christmas Eve worship Click on this link to go to the Cedar Park United Facebook page for live Christmas greetings at 8.50 pm before participating in worship at 9.00 pm

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You HAVE to go with us

…the demand Moses makes of God “You have to go with us!”-
is one that is “for our times”,
and I wholeheartedly agreed.

click on the links in this post for the Facebook live recording for October 11, 2020 and for the sermon

A Conversation about Gratitude

This gospel healing story is one many of us learned as children,
when we accepted the miracle as a ‘Jesus-y’ normal thing to do, but we were likely subjected to a bit of Sunday school teacher moral finger wagging…

Click on the links in this post for CPU Online Worship October 4, 2020 and Sermon text and related videos “A Vineyard and the Little Red Hen.“

A Vineyard and the Little Red Hen.

The only safe place to be in the telling of that story was at Jesus feet among the crowd watching a “seer,” a prophet, at work,calling out the hypocrisy

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The Real Question isn’t about Water (or toilet paper!)

For all parents–and kids–
who have done the long road trip, this story is for you!
You remember how it goes
(or went in the days before pandemic),

Watch or listen to this video update from Rev Elisabeth and read the accompanying note to find out what is going on and how you can help make it happen!

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Online Worship video from Facebook live September 20, 2020

It’s Just, Not Fair.

“It’s just not fair!” What parent has not heard that cry of outrage? When the older sibling is expected to share her precious stuff with that kid brother who wrecks everything!

Here is the link to our Facebook live worship for September 13, 2020 The sermon text and video are on this post September 13, 2020

The Sacred Arithmetic of Forgiveness

Do you have a list of things
you wish Jesus hadn’t said?
I know I do. And this is one of them.

For at least the next few weeks we will be continuing our online worship experience at 10 each Sunday morning (or later if you watch the recording) on our Facebook page Here is the link

Buy going to this post and clicking on the links it will take you to the video of the online worship for today August 9, 2020

What a family!!

“Way, way back, many centuries ago, not long after the Bible began, Jacob lived in the land of Canaan,a fine example of a family man.
Jacob! Jacob and sons!….”

To participate in our online worship for Sunday August 9, hosted by Cedar Park United, click this link to go to our Cedar Park United Facebook Page. We’ll be “going live” at 9:55, ready to begin worship at 10 am. See you there!

Click here for the link to the online worship for July 5, 2020 for the United Church communities of the West Island of Montreal.

Put a Ring on It!

It’s powerful testimony,
and, as Lisa said, it emerged when we noticed the Beyoncé moment in the text…
the bit about liking it and putting a ring on it.

Links to the host sites for worship from July 5 to Sept 6 and guide for the Summer Sabbath

Click here for links to Facebook Live Worship – Beginning Again: Living Our Logo…Online!

Living Our Logo…Online

…it’s not God’s first rodeo.
And nor is it the first time that
the people of God have been
commissioned to live the God Dream outside the walls, outside the lines,in the midst of our own and the world’s nightmares.

Making a Way out of No Way

Click here for link to Facebook live recording of our worship for June 21, 2020

Making a Way out of No Way

As I said to my husband Norman over breakfast yesterday,this is not, cannot possibly be, “the sermon on race”beginning, middle, and tied up with a bow ending.

A Divine Comedy

Worship and scripture/reflection links for June 14, 2020 worship

A Divine Comedy

We take an 18 chapter leap this week, in our summer series exploring the new beginnings in the book of Genesis.

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