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Alone, Together in the Valley

In the year of disaster for the people of Judah, the hand of God rested upon the shoulder of Ezekiel,
and God’s brooding Spirit carried him up and set him down, and led him all around a valley of silent lamentation, filled with the bones of the dead.

Shirley, Goodness and Mercy

I am of that generation that learned Psalm 23 by singing it to Crimond, singing the alto line in the parish choir of St. Christopher’s RC parish in England.

Is God with us or not? (And how will we know?)

When I was about eight, my family went on holiday to the English Lake District. It’s a mountainous region in northwestern England formed by glacial activity that has left steeply carved, lake filled valleys, and cloud-scraping peaks.

Nebulous Visibility

It must be ten years now since I read, in Desmond Tutu’s beautiful, and inspiring book “God Has a Dream,” his take on this long, highfalutin word “Transfiguration.”

It’s Time to Choose

When we open the book of the Bible to “Deuteronomy”
we seem to be stepping back in time a loooooooong way.

Salt, Light, Law, Love

It’s one of those Sundays when
we let the children slip out before we knuckle down to some grown-up conversation.

Blessed and Blessing

Perhaps you have one of these on your wall, or perhaps your Gramma did, or a friend. The Beatitudes. The “Blessed ares”.

Seeing the Goodness of God in this Land of the Living

This is Bree Newsome. On June 27, 2015, just weeks after Dylann Roof had shot, killed and injured worshippers at the Emanuel AME church in Charleston, Newsome climbed the flagpole outside the State Legislature in Columbia, SC, and took down the Confederate Flag.

Confidence and Ambivalence: Faithful Living in Times of Trouble.

What an unsatisfying ending! What happened? After all that public declaration of the uncountable mercies of God, our songwriter suddenly has us mouthing this plaintive cry of a soul suffering under a new deluge of trouble.

Innocence Betrayed

Now that the children have left to be messengers of hope, my job is more sombre. Anne Both and Sam Usher present a hopeful end to the gospel story, but it’s not how Matthew himself ended it.

The Last Straw Matthew 2: 1-12 Epiphany, Common Lectionary Year A Audio files Introduction, scripture and story Introduction Scripture The Last Straw by Fredrick H. Thury

Reflecting with Mary

Readings, reflections and carols from the perspective of Mary

Against All The Odds: Joy!

Joy shall come to the wilderness! – all the more exuberant for its unexpected interruption into the narrative of dormancy, or worse, death.

It starts with a stump (the price for a Peaceable Kindom)

Is it possible for God’s new life to appear precisely in those places we assume to be dead?

Hope for the World: A World for Hope

Which one is it, Isaiah?
Which vision is the true Word of God that you saw?
Is it the iniquity, callousness and utter desolation,
or is it the holy mountain to whom the nations stream
in shafts of peaceful light?
Which do you see?
Which do you find easier to believe to be true?

Orange Cars and Butterflies: Christ’s Reign of Compassion

So it is with this reign of Christ,
this kingdom of God;
or to put it in Cedar Park language,
so it is with this Dream of God made known in flesh and bone,
in Jesus Christ, and in each one of us.
It’s out there, around us, waiting to be noticed,
just like orange cars.

(How) To Be the Ones Who Show Compassion

We are called to be neighbour
to our earth siblings in need.
We are called to be “The Ones who show compassion.”

A Call to Compassion: A Response to War and Violence

Today’s text stops with the encouraging words of Jesus
to all who have chosen to be a neighbour to those in need,
that they/we have done it to no less than Christ himself,
and they are welcomed with open arms into the kin-dom of God.

Blessed. Beloved. Saint.

The lectionary gave us this text for the 20th Sunday after Pentecost, but what a gift it is for today, the day we have chosen, close to the Feast of All Saints, as the Sunday when we gather to remember our own “blessed ones” our own “beloved ones” who have died in the past year.

We are all Immigrants

Before you enter into the land God has given you, remember these things: Remember God, who God is. Remember who we are. We are all immigrants

Compassion in the Text and at the Table.

I was born into a practising Roman Catholic family. I had a little Missal book which I would take with me to Church, and while the adults all lined up and knelt at the altar to receive the communion wafers on their tongue, in a moment so holy it was signalled by bells and incense, I would look at the sepia pictures in my missal,

A series of 4 sermons on the 4 elements by the Rev Wendy Evans

Letters from Away

It’s likely not lost on most of you who are Cedar Parkers
why this letter resonates so powerfully with me, with us, today. Yes, we’re about to head into Sabbath month, but also into an unknown time,

Confidence: Boasting or Binding?

This week, we read and explore the Scripture together, by using our hands to create a weaving of this text with this community, around the core thread of our common faith in Jesus Christ.

Trouble with the Spirit

There’s dark matter afoot, and all around. To coin a few adjectives from Luke’s text, I’m still reeling from my unsettling trip to the US last month,

Shall we Gather?

As I said at the beginning of worship, this text barely needs to be preached with words this morning, because it’s as if it has already lifted itself off the page and into our lives

The Case against Civil Religion

There’s a saying, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” I am a fool to take on this text, described in one commentary as “nasty”, and by another as
“the most contentious and confrontational scene” in the book of Acts.

Barriers, Boundaries and Bread

Acts is an action movie in print. Luke rushes from one thing to the next, panning over the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean to zoom quickly in on one amazing, often miraculous, resurrection act of one apostle, before moving on to the next with barely a breath or reflection.

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