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It’s Just, Not Fair.

“It’s just not fair!” What parent has not heard that cry of outrage? When the older sibling is expected to share her precious stuff with that kid brother who wrecks everything!

The Sacred Arithmetic of Forgiveness

Do you have a list of things
you wish Jesus hadn’t said?
I know I do. And this is one of them.

What a family!!

“Way, way back, many centuries ago, not long after the Bible began, Jacob lived in the land of Canaan,a fine example of a family man.
Jacob! Jacob and sons!….”

Put a Ring on It!

It’s powerful testimony,
and, as Lisa said, it emerged when we noticed the Beyoncé moment in the text…
the bit about liking it and putting a ring on it.

Living Our Logo…Online

…it’s not God’s first rodeo.
And nor is it the first time that
the people of God have been
commissioned to live the God Dream outside the walls, outside the lines,in the midst of our own and the world’s nightmares.

Making a Way out of No Way

As I said to my husband Norman over breakfast yesterday,this is not, cannot possibly be, “the sermon on race”beginning, middle, and tied up with a bow ending.

A Divine Comedy

We take an 18 chapter leap this week, in our summer series exploring the new beginnings in the book of Genesis.

After the Ending: Before the Beginning.

Rachel Held Evans was a treasure.
A Georgia girl raised in the Bible belt, whose faith outgrew its childhood shell. Instead of abandoning God and faith…

A Pandemic Pentecost
Behind locked doors.
Afraid of what might happen next.. Mulling over the risk in the immediate vicinity,fearful of the news and threat in the wider community, the city, beyond.

Resurrection and the Life of the Earth: Sabbath!

The biblical library is full of other,more obvious passages about the Sabbath than the ones we’ve chosen for today.

Touching Earth Lightly

“ If God loves the world, then how might any person of faith
be excused for not loving it or be justified in destroying it?”

Earth Wisdom

Time and again in Scripture
we are reminded that we are not God’s only creatures nor are we the only ones considered to be wise.

Creation’s Groans: Holy & Human Response
“All creation groans,
in eager longing for the Children of God to come into their own,
to come to their senses,

Resurrection and the Earth: Is it Certain or Swift?

I grew up on the western edge of the Pennines (a moorland ridge that dissects Northern England.) It’s a part of the world where Spring arrives slowly, and some might also say uncertainly,

Resurrection and the Earth

50th Anniversary of Earth Day
Click here for the link to Facebook Live video

This Slow but Certain Resurrection

How very different this all is!?
We are not used to telling this story sitting in ashes, are we?
“We” being those of us well-healed, normally safe, first-world inhabitants, who enjoy Easter as a show-off Sunday when we pull out all the stops…

Click here for the link to our Facebook Live celebration of Easter Click here for more details of our Easter Sunday worship

Click here to link to our Facebook Live Good Friday Tenebrae Worship

Here is the link to our on line worship this morning – Palm to Passion – click here Check out our Family Worship – A Walk Through Holy Week as well

Alone, Together in the Valley

In the year of disaster for the people of Judah, the hand of God rested upon the shoulder of Ezekiel,
and God’s brooding Spirit carried him up and set him down, and led him all around a valley of silent lamentation, filled with the bones of the dead.

Shirley, Goodness and Mercy

I am of that generation that learned Psalm 23 by singing it to Crimond, singing the alto line in the parish choir of St. Christopher’s RC parish in England.

Is God with us or not? (And how will we know?)

When I was about eight, my family went on holiday to the English Lake District. It’s a mountainous region in northwestern England formed by glacial activity that has left steeply carved, lake filled valleys, and cloud-scraping peaks.

Nebulous Visibility

It must be ten years now since I read, in Desmond Tutu’s beautiful, and inspiring book “God Has a Dream,” his take on this long, highfalutin word “Transfiguration.”

It’s Time to Choose

When we open the book of the Bible to “Deuteronomy”
we seem to be stepping back in time a loooooooong way.

Salt, Light, Law, Love

It’s one of those Sundays when
we let the children slip out before we knuckle down to some grown-up conversation.

Blessed and Blessing

Perhaps you have one of these on your wall, or perhaps your Gramma did, or a friend. The Beatitudes. The “Blessed ares”.

Seeing the Goodness of God in this Land of the Living

This is Bree Newsome. On June 27, 2015, just weeks after Dylann Roof had shot, killed and injured worshippers at the Emanuel AME church in Charleston, Newsome climbed the flagpole outside the State Legislature in Columbia, SC, and took down the Confederate Flag.

Confidence and Ambivalence: Faithful Living in Times of Trouble.

What an unsatisfying ending! What happened? After all that public declaration of the uncountable mercies of God, our songwriter suddenly has us mouthing this plaintive cry of a soul suffering under a new deluge of trouble.

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