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Letters from Away

It’s likely not lost on most of you who are Cedar Parkers
why this letter resonates so powerfully with me, with us, today. Yes, we’re about to head into Sabbath month, but also into an unknown time,

Confidence: Boasting or Binding?

This week, we read and explore the Scripture together, by using our hands to create a weaving of this text with this community, around the core thread of our common faith in Jesus Christ.

Trouble with the Spirit

There’s dark matter afoot, and all around. To coin a few adjectives from Luke’s text, I’m still reeling from my unsettling trip to the US last month,

Shall we Gather?

As I said at the beginning of worship, this text barely needs to be preached with words this morning, because it’s as if it has already lifted itself off the page and into our lives

The Case against Civil Religion

There’s a saying, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” I am a fool to take on this text, described in one commentary as “nasty”, and by another as
“the most contentious and confrontational scene” in the book of Acts.

Barriers, Boundaries and Bread

Acts is an action movie in print. Luke rushes from one thing to the next, panning over the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean to zoom quickly in on one amazing, often miraculous, resurrection act of one apostle, before moving on to the next with barely a breath or reflection.

The Same Road in a Different Direction

When we portrayed this tale together with the children present, I’m afraid I wussed out. I softened Luke’s characterization of Saul of Tarsus a little, making him out to be potentially, “one of us” sincere, but misguided,…

Nevertheless, They Persisted.

Do you remember, as a child,
being hauled before the parental tribunal to account for some misdemeanor, some disobedient disregard for a prohibition, and hearing that oh so parental question, “Why?!” “Didn’t I tell you not to?”

“When the Sabbath was over,
but while it was still very, very early…” That’s where Luke starts his Easter story, but I want to start it a little earlier,

Have you got your invitation?

I am not sure if this is just me,
but I’m not that good at receiving invitations. “Why me? Are you sure?”

Finding and Feasting

It was a bit of a surprise to most of the members of the Thursday morning Midrash Bible study group that met about six weeks ago, to discover that this very familiar parable is actually one of triplets – one of three stories.

Holy Hunger

I am hungry. I had breakfast. I don’t mean that. I’m hungry in my soul. As the world has turned this week; white supremacist terrorism in New Zealand, so far away, yet touching the lives of people we know and love

Feasting our Way through the Fasting Season

Friends, it’s been seven years we’ve journeyed together with me as your Minister of Word and Sacrament; and each year my gratitude deepens to be part of a community where it is our life together that inspires my task as preacher of these ancient words.

A Season of Light and Stars?

Back on January 6 we imagined ourselves watching the canopy of heaven, noticing God’s closeness in a night sky touching our earth.

Body of Christ: Embodied

The human body has 206 bones, 639 muscles and about 3 kilos of skin,
5 litres of blood coursing through about 210,000 km of veins, arteries, capillaries.

Plain Speaking on Level Ground
“Listen for what is familiar,
listen for what is strange,” I invited you as we began the Gospel text.

What’s the Catch?

Now, I don’t know much about fishing. We bought a rod once, and “Fishing for Dummies” but we were too dumb to catch more than weeds.

Build a Longer Table

Did you notice that conversation between Mary and her Son Jesus? It used to bother me that Jesus seems, well, somehow less than“Jesus” at this moment, but not anymore. May I tell you why?

This was a really cold snowy day – the full worship audio is attached

People of the Way: Refuge
This story is ugly. Brutal. If it were on the news tonight, would you want to turn to another channel? Does it roil your guts, as it does mine?

Where is this Peace?

I am an active participant in a local West Island clergy lectionary Bible study group, and two weeks ago we were studying this Gospel text just as the world’s political leaders were gathering in Buenos Aires for the G20 Summit.

Days are Surely Coming….

How many of you have your lights up? Your trees? Done your Christmas cards or shopping?
Well, then, this sermon isn’t for you!

Paradox: A Kingdom Not of This World

The dictionaries define paradox as “a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.”

Remembering War, Remembering Peace, Remembering Why.

On the 11th of November, at 11 am, the Armistice, signed at Compiegne in France, ended the first world war of the 20th century. It was a war which cost the lives of nearly 20 million soldiers and civilians, injured millions more, and scarred survivors and their offspring for generations.

Left, Right, All In.
For about four years now I’ve been niggled by a valid question,“What’s the ask?” It pops up every year at this time as we prepare the annual “Stewardship Packet.”

Welcome and the Way in the Name of Christ: What will it cost us?

Jesus has a small child on his knee. Ain’t that sweet! Yes, it could well be if it were Grandpa Rod with Sophie, but it was more than that. Jesus looked around for something, someone, to help him make a point;

“Who is the Greatest?” How Shall We Answer?

“Who is the Greatest?” Now there’s a question for the ages! There is so much opportunity in our current societal context to say something, politically suggestive, pointed,

“Who?” Is the Question. What Is Our Answer? Launch of Vision 2020

Thank God for the Faith Fiesta and the launch of our Vision 2020 coming as it does on this 17th Sunday after Pentecost.

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