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Follow Me – A Daunting Invitation

When we tell this story with children, and when we sing their songs, it’s such fun! There’s a hopefulness to it,

The Great Invitation: Come and See!

Epiphanies. We all have them… Those small and great Ahas; the new app or gadget, or those light dawning realizations that help things fall into place, or that change everything,

Magnificat Anima Mea

This is not the sermon I planned back in October when I began to read and think and dream
and pray and plan for this Advent season!!!….

Anticipation of a Peaceable Kin-dom

It seems that every ancient text we have been reading these recent weeks could have been written just for us, just for this time in our global life.

Wait! What?!

The first Sunday of Advent is a day when we expect to be ushered gently into the Season of waiting, and anticipation.

Of Kingdoms and Dreams

Does it feel a bit odd? Listening to Luke telling us about the crucifixion, in November?

What to do when Temples Fall

Let’s name the elephant in the room; there was an election in the US this past week.

God the Widow’s Cry

It is one of those difficult texts. It doesn’t seem to be, at first. Jesus, on the road to Jerusalem, talking about the Dream of God,

“I Have a Dream: God’s Dream”

First a caveat for today’s sermon: This is the second one I’ve prepared for this week.

A Midrashic/Interpretive reading of the Scripture

I love the French name for this festival in our Canadian Calendar “Actions Grace”

Lamentation for a World Undone

“Look! See! The earth is in mourning, and the heavens are dark with grief.” Do we really need to be reminded?

Clay in the Potter’s Hand
Jeremiah was not noted for being the happiest of prophets. And as we’ve seen, that’s perhaps not so surprising really when you consider the world he was born into, and the God who ‘had his number.’

God: Between Rocks and Hard Places

Seated, teaching, is Jesus. But have we heard what he said?

Elijah and the Prophets of Ba’al

Why this text, why this sermon? Primarily because of a question raised at the May 13 Taste of Syria event. The questioner wondered about the influence of those texts in the Qu’ran which condone violence in the name of religion.

Troubled Waters: A Sabbath Healing

It was the Sabbath. In John’s Gospel that’s code for trouble brewin’

The Faith of Saints and Widows

First some background is needed for this “meager and confusing” text. First thing to remind ourselves is that the book of Acts is a sequel.

What Road Are You On?

I can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss having Joёlle sharing in worship leadership with me!

The Nose Knows

“Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it.”

Tasting the Goodness of God

Isaiah – or more particularly the second writer to bear that name, had a really hard job.

Watching the Far Horizon.

Jesus was indeed a master storyteller! Parables, by their nature, are stories designed, created to be full of interpretive possibility.

Here, Now, The Gospel.

Luke is like a TV news crew, following every second of the action as it unfolds.

What will we do with all this wine?

How many of you like to watch a favourite TV show or movie more than once?

Passing Through the Waters.

Many of you know I am English, born into a Roman Catholic family in the north of England.

Loosened Tongues.

Some of you are aware that I am currently enrolled in a doctoral programme in preaching at Luther Seminary in Minneapolis. There’s this unwritten book

A Matter of Allegiance.

The Gospel reading today is short. More like one small frame-freeze in an excruciatingly drawn out melodrama.

Rise Up, Hannah!

Her name is Jaime Black. She is a Metis woman, born in Thunder Bay, and living in Winnipeg.

There are Times…

Oh, my dear friends, would that life were so easily beautifully, biblically balanced!

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