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Carol Service Reflection 2012.


Rev Elisabeth R. Jones

Ces chants et lectures parlent d’eux même, n’est-ce pas?
These anthems, carols and readings speak for themselves, don’t they? 
Within one generation of Jesus’ life, people began to ponder
the  mystery and wonder of his story,
and the incredible claim that lies at its heart:
que Dieu l’Eternel, Invisible, Créateur universel
devrait lier intimement soi-même  avec l’histoire humaine
de manière à devenir humain !
that God the Eternal, Invisible, Universal Creator
should entwine Godself so intimately
with the human story
as to become human!

It’s taken us two thousand years – so far – to entwine our own hearts,
souls, minds and lives around this claim.
Those earliest writers, like Luke,
tried to convey  something of this imponderable
intertwining of Heaven with Earth, of God with humanity,
of eternity with particularity,
by using the language and image of miracle:
un ciel rempli de lumière pour diminuer la clarté des étoiles,
d’anges messagers celestas
annonçant la bonne nouvelle à de simples bergers
celle d’un bébé dans une étable,
le Prince de la Paix.

a sky filled with light to dim the stars,
of high heavenly angel messengers
telling tidings of joy to low earthling shepherds
of a baby in a barn,
the Prince of Peace.

Medieval mystics added their own ornaments to this holy happening,
they pictured Mary not in a stable, but a rose garden…..
breathing not the bovine odours of a barn, but the fragrance of flowers,
all as a way of expressing the marvel of this night,
that God should entwine with us.
que Dieu se lie intimement à nous.
That God should take on flesh through real birth,
to know what it is to be humanly happy, and hopeful,
humainement desespéré et effrayé, avoir faim et être fatigué,
  humanly desperate and afraid, hungry and tired,
to be entwined, d’être intimement lié,
 pas seulement avec la vie mais également avec la mort,
not just with life but with death too,
binding all of it close to the heartbeat of God.

Si  on imagine que cette ‘histoire’ défie toute logique, c’est bien le cas.
It must defy logic if it is to entwine
the hopes and fears of all the years,
and those faint glimmers of possibility that lie buried beneath the tragedies
of this cruel, chaotic world,
with God’s Dream, God`s desire for
justice with peace, of dignity and worth,
de justice avec la paix, de dignité et de valeur, d’abondance et de vie.
This story stands as a reminder that between us,
Et entre nous, Dieu et vous et moi,
between God and you and me,
such dreams can and must come true.

If, ultimately, words  and song fail us
as expressions of this story’s central  miracle,
and they must,
we have nevertheless been given a wordless testimony
in our own flesh and bones.
When, this Christmas Season,
you wrap your arms around a child,
vous mettez vos bras autour d’un enfant,
vous joignez vos doigts avec ceux d’un ami,
brush cheek against a stranger ,
vous touchez une autre personne avec la lumière de vos yeux.
Remember that God-with- us,  Emmanuel,
Jésus le fils de Marie, a fait la meme chose.
  Jesus the son of Mary, did the same.
God and us, nous sommes intimement lies
we are entwined.
This is our tidings and joy.
notre bonne nouvelle et notre joie.
Loué soit Dieu !

Thanks be to God!

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