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One of the key priorities identified by the Board for the coming year is equipping the sanctuary for the use of multimedia in worship—specifically, the use of visual images on a drop-down screen that complement and enhance the words and the music of worship. Accustomed now to using a wide array of electronic technologies, today’s younger generation is a very visual one, and therefore has an expectation of dynamic and varied visual input, even in worship. When we have experimented with using multimedia images in worship, we have received much praise and encouragement for continuation of the practice on a more regular basis. We therefore believe that, equipped with new technology, we can enhance the worship experience for all age groups and be better positioned to continue to attract young families to worship with us and become part of our community of faith.

Another part of this initiative is updating the church’s computer technology, which is badly outdated, as well as installation of a wireless router that will allow access to the Internet throughout the building.

The total budget for this project is $20,000, which covers the cost of a large retractable screen and high-resolution projector (both would be permanently installed over the chancel and not visible by the congregation except when in use), a monitor screen for the choir, a media presentation controller, drop-down microphones and two computers (one for the Church Office and one for the minister) and a wireless router. A Presbytery fund has already provided $5,000, and so we are asking for $15,000 from the congregation in addition to your regular support of the operating budget. Several members have already communicated their contributions of $1,000 and over. Your contribution is tax-deductible.

Please prayerfully consider the level of your contribution.  Once you have made your decision, please contact Rod LeRoy, our treasurer, or Elizabeth Chown in the Church Office. They will receive your cheque or amend your PAR payments as you wish.  If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to us or any other member of the Church Board.  Thank you for your continued support of the vibrant and vital ministry of Cedar Park United.

Update – successful installation and operation in early 2012



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