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The Story of King David

1 Samuel 16: 10 – 13
1 Samuel 17: 34-37
2 Samuel 12: 1 – 6

Scout and Guiding Sunday
Seventh Sunday after Epiphany

Delivered by Rev. Ron Coughlin (as Samuel)

Scene 1: David Chosen to be King

(come rushing down the aisle dressed as Samuel the Prophet, breathless, catch my breath)

Sorry I’m late. Sorry I’m late. I had trouble parking my camel with all the cars in the parking lot. I had to leave him out on the street double-parked.

Just let me catch my breath. When you are 3000 years old, you can’t run like you used to.

O, excuse me. I am not very polite am I? Let me introduce myself. I’m Samuel, the prophet. Maybe you heard about me. There are two books in the Bible named after me. They are named First Samuel and Second Samuel – not very original are they?

Well, I was told that there was a special service being held here for the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Sparks, Brownies and Guides and was asked to come and tell you a very important story about one of the kings of Israel whose name is David.

First let me tell you about how David was chosen. I finally retired and went to live in my home in Rama. Then one day as I was dosing in my rocking chair, I had a dream. God said to me to get up and go to Bethlehem and anoint a new king. Well, I sat up right away and said, “No, God. We already have a king, Saul, and if he hears that I am anointing a new king, he will surely kill me.” God said, “Don’t worry about that, I will protect you. Go to Bethlehem.”

Well, I was old and tired and Bethlehem was a long way away. So, I said, “No disrespect God, but I’ve served my time and I have retired. You know that I am old and tired and Bethlehem is a long way. Couldn’t you find a younger prophet to do this?” God said, “No, I want you to do it. Now go to Jesse in Bethlehem and you will find one of his sons and anoint him for me. He will become the next king of Israel.”

Well, you don’t argue with God. So I got my things together and made the long trip to Bethlehem. When I got there the elders of the town came to me trembling with fear. You see, I was quite famous and people were afraid of me. They asked if I came in peace and I said, “Yes, I come in peace; I just want to meet the family of Jesse.”

So I went to Jesse’s home and asked to see his sons. Well, Jesse brought out his eldest son. His name is Eliab. Now he was tall, strong, had broad shoulders, muscular arms, and beautiful wavy hair. He was the captain of the football team and very popular at school. All the girls wanted to date him. He had king written all over his face.

I thought to myself, surely this is the one. No one is more handsome, more tall, strong and as popular as he. But God said to me, “Do not look on outward appearances. God does not see as you see. God looks on the heart, on what is inside a person. That is more important. So do not choose Eliab.”

So I asked Jesse if he had another son. He brought out his second oldest son. His name is Abinadab. He was also very handsome. I thought to myself surely this is the one. But God said to me, “No!”

He brought out his third son. I thought to myself surely this is the one. But God said to me, “No!”

He brought out his fourth son. I thought to myself surely this is the one. But God said to me, “No!”

He brought out his fifth son. I thought to myself surely this is the one. But God said to me, “No!”

He brought out his sixth son. I thought to myself surely this is the one. But God said to me, “No!”

He brought out his seventh son. I thought to myself surely this is the one. But God said to me, “No!”

Yes, Jesse made seven sons pass before me. But God kept saying do not look at their appearances. It is not how they look, or what they wear, or how popular they are. What counts is what is in their heart.

So, then I asked Jesse is this was all his sons. He said, “Well, I still have my youngest son. But he is only about 12 years old and he is the smallest of my sons. He is out in the fields taking care of the sheep.” So I said, “Go fetch him. We will not sit down until he comes.” So I made them all stand around until this eighth and final son came to me. He was so young, so slight and his older brothers were teasing him because he was quite dirty from being out in the fields and he smelled of sheep.

His name is David. I looked at him – up and down. I wondered is this the one? Guess what God said? God said, “Yes, he is the one; anoint him.” So I took my jar of oil and poured it over his head in front of all his brothers and I anointed him. And the spirit of God came and dwelt on David from that day onwards.

O, you know what. I forgot to feed my camel after his long journey. He will be very angry with me. I better go out and feed him. You carry on for a little while and I will be right back. Tell you what turn to your hymn books and sing the first 2 verses of Amazing Grace. It is number 266.

Scene 2: David and Goliath

Well, I’m back. The camel is happy now, he has his food bag. His name is Zeke, and if he is not fed on time, he can be very stubborn and will not move for me or anyone.

Now where was I? O, yes about David.

You know when David was out in the fields watching the sheep, he would get bored with the time passing slowly. So he would make up games for himself. He had this slingshot, with which he would practice. He would put a small stone on top of a large rock and try to hit it. He would put a flower in the tree and practice knocking the flower out of the tree. He became very good with the slingshot. He would sometimes hide behind a rock and watch for bears or lions which would come up to snatch a lamb for dinner and then David would jump up and with his slingshot hit the bear or lion in the head and chase it away.

Well, it turned out that the Philistines had invaded Israel and they were lined up for battle. There was going to be a big war. The Philistines were all lined up along the top of one mountain and the Israelites were along the top of another mountain and there was his big valley in between. It turned out that the Philistines had this big giant of a man. He must have been about 10 feet tall. His name was Goliath. He had a big suit of armour on, a large helmet made especially for his big head. He had a big spear that looked like a tree and a huge sword which weighed 50 pounds.

Now while these two armies were looking at each other from the tops of their mountains, Goliath came out into the valley and shouted up at the Israelites, “Choose a man among you to come and fight me. If I win, you shall be our slaves. If you win, we shall be our slaves. Send someone out here to fight me. Let’s settle this battle here and now.” Well, the Israelites were all afraid. They shook in their boots. They ran back to camp. They did not know what to do. So for 40 days Goliath came out and challenged the Israelites to choose one person to fight him.

Well, one day David’s father, Jesse, sent David to the Israelite army to bring a care parcel to his brothers. He had a bag with 10 loaves of bread and 10 cheeses for his brothers. His father said to go and bring word about how they were doing. So David went to the army camp and when he got there he heard about Goliath. So he started asking questions. His older brothers told him to mind his own business and get back home to care for the sheep. But David said, “I will fight Goliath,” and his brothers just laughed at him.

So David went to the King and said, “Let us trust in God. God will deliver us from this threat of war and from Goliath. Let me fight Goliath.” Well, the King looked at David ad said, “No, you are just a young boy. It is too dangerous.” But David said, “When I was out in the fields taking care of the sheep I would fight with lions and bears and I would always win. Let us trust in God and God will help us.” Now, the King did not have many choices. No one else wanted to fight Goliath. No one else mentioned putting their trust in God. So the King said OK. He said, “Let me give you my armour for protection.”

So they put the armour on David. Armour for the legs, amour for the chest, amour for the arms, shoulder pads and then the helmet. Well, with all this heavy armour, David could hardly move. It was like a child with so much winter clothing that if they fell down, they would never get up again. David finally said, “I don’t want any of this armour. I will just go out here with my trusty slingshot and trust in God.”

So David went out and as he passed by a small stream he picked up five smooth stones.
When he picked up the first stone he said let this remind me of the Boy Scout and Girl Guide Motto: “Be Prepared.”
When he picked up the second stone he said let this remind me of the Wolf Cub Motto: “Do Your Best.”
When he picked up the third stone he said let this remind me of the Beaver Motto: “Sharing, Sharing, Sharing.”
When he picked up the fourth stone he said let this remind me of the Spark’s Motto: “Share and be a friend.”
When he picked up the fifth stone he said let this remind me of the Brownie Motto: “Lend a Hand.”

Then he said a little prayer and asked God to be with him and help him.

Goliath was down in the valley, like he was every day, shouting up at the Israelites, “Send down your best man and let us fight and settle this battle.” When he saw David come down the hill he started to laugh and said, “What, you send a young boy to fight your battles? I will feed him to the birds.”

But David said, “You come to fight with a sword, but I come in the name of the God of Israel. God will defeat you. It is God who made the birds of the air, the animals in the field and all living creatures. See the birds up there, they will come and eat your body. All the earth will know that there is a God in Israel who is the One God. All the world will know that God does not save by the sword or spear, but by the word of truth and by the path of peace.”

As David pointed up to the birds, Goliath looked up and David put a stone in his slingshot. He spun it around and around and then let it fly and the stone flew through the air and hit Goliath right between the eyes and he fell down dead. When the Philistines saw what happened to their champion, they all ran away with great fear back to their own county. The Israelites on the mountain top all cheered and David simply said, “Trust in God.”

O, I can see a police car beside my camel, he is giving my camel a ticket for being double-parked on the street. I better go check it out. I’ll be back in a minute. Tell you what, sing the next two verses of Amazing Grace, # 266 verse 3 & 4.

Scene 3: David as King

Now where were we? O my memory is going. I’m only 3000 years old. There is a lot to remember over 3000 years. O yes, David.

Well, eventually David became King of Israel. He was King for 40 years and had a very successful reign. Other regions and countries came to him and said will you be King over us and protect us. So David’s empire grew and grew. He became very wealthy and had a lot of power. No other country dared to stand up to David.

But you know what, with all that power and wealth and prestige, David wanted more. He became very greedy. He wanted the oil in Iraq and Iran. He wanted other people’s wives. He thought to himself, “I made myself a big man around here. I don’t even need God any more. I am the most powerful man in the world. I can do what I want.”

I used to say that kings are takers. The more power they have, the more power they want. I was not in favour of having kings, but the people wanted a king and so God gave in and gave them first Saul and now David.

So David began to ignore God and did some very bad things. So God sent another prophet to David. I’m glad I did not have to deliver this message. I would have been afraid for my life. My old friend Nathan went to David and told him a story. He said: “There was a rich man and a poor man. The rich man had lots of cattle and sheep, huge fields of grain to make bread and lots of rice and all kinds of vegetables in his garden. The poor man lived on the edge of town and had just one lamb which was like a member of his family. He fed the lamb scraps from the table and let it drink out of his cup and would often let it sit in the poor man’s lap. Well, the rich man had a visitor come and stay overnight. The rich man did not want to use one of his own cattle or sheep to feed the visitor, and so he took the lamb from the poor man and served it up for dinner.”

When David heard this story, he got very angry and said that the rich man should be punished for what he did. But you know what Nathan said? He looked right at the King and said, “You are the man!” It took a lot of courage to say that. Then Nathan said, “God says that you have turned away from God. It was God who anointed you. It was God who helped you defeat Goliath. It was God who made you King. It was God who gave you all this territory and all this power and all this wealth and yet you are ignoring God and being selfish.”

David realized that he was wrong. David said, “I have sinned against God. I am sorry for my evil doing. I repent and ask God to forgive me. I have learnt my lesson.” So God forgave David and let him be King for a total of 40 years.

Now there is a lot more I can tell you about David, but that is enough for now. I’m getting weary. When you are 3000 years old you need a nap every now and then. So I am going to have a rest and then I have to go. God wants me to take a message to the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper in Ottawa. So I better be on my way.

Sing the last verse Amazing Grace # 266.

Then the Kidzone are going to sing a couple of songs for you.

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