Cedar Park United is uniquely positioned because of its rich faith heritage, its location and its current membership to present itself as a Christian community that offers a holistic experience of welcome, spiritual nourishment, and engaged, purposeful ministry on the West Island.

Such a vision requires thoughtful, intentional planning so that Cedar Park United can fulfill God’s vision and purpose for all those within its community. To that end, in 2012 the Congregational Board identified four elements of the collective life of the church as the focus for its discernment, energies and resources.

The following chart lays out the plan under four main headings that mirror our life and ministry:

Worship and Spiritual Growth
People (welcome, participation, membership)
Resources (grounds and building)
Resources (financial and time and talent)

5 Year Plan CPU – Updated 2015

5 Year Plan Priorities Board 2017 Approved

If you have questions or would like more information please contact one of our board members