F4, a Friday evening in community!

Fall 2016:  September 9, October 14,  November 11, December 9

Winter-Spring 2017:  January 13, February 10,  March 10, April 7,  May 12, June 9

Doors open at 5:30.  Dinner around 6:00. Movie at 6:45. Please RSVP.

F4 is about connecting as a community. Instead of eating alone, we eat together. Instead of feeling like you’re the only one, you get to share a conversation with others. We’re grateful.

Every month, from September to June, our Community Hall fills with people of all ages, from babies to grandparents. We share a hot meal together. Everyone gets to colour on the tablecloths. Little children can safely play with toys on mats in the adjoining Meeting Room. A movie is shown on the big screen in our Sanctuary down the hall–and there’s popcorn! Teens can hand out in the Lounge and play board games. There’s lots of laughter and intergenerational sharing.

And if you arrive at F4 utterly exhausted after a crazy week at work, or because your baby is teething and you’re at your wits’ end, come on in and let us support you. If you arrive at F4 full of energy, clip on one of our Helping Hands so others will know you’re someone they can ask for help.

F4 is food for all! If you can leave a donation, we know you will, and we thank you. But if you can’t, you are just as welcome to share in the meal with us.

We hope you’ll feel at home at F4. If you see a way you can help (setting and clearing tables, washing dishes, sweeping up, making tea or coffee, etc.), please do. If you have a question about anything, just ask. Because being a Caring Community is what we’re about at Cedar Park.

If you’d like to receive a reminder the Tuesday before each F4, just send an e-mail to Martha, our Family and Youth Ministries Coordinator.