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Behold The Mystery

Second Sunday after Christmas

Galatians 4:4-5
Luke 2:29-33

©2020 Rev. Dr. Elisabeth R. Jones

Intro to Scripture

Behold the mystery that God,
the creator of the universe,
the One who spins entire galaxies
from the glint of God’s eye,
who loves this little blue dot
in a sidebar galaxy in a corner
of a universe so much,
you can see it in flesh!
This Creating One who delights
in the breaching of a whale,
or fractal dance of birds in flight,
or the dancing veil of Northern lights
over frozen tundra,
or the song of a loon on a silent lake…
and yet more!
Behold the mystery of God,
that in the fullness of time,
in the time that is now,
the infinity of God
is contracted to a span,
birthed by a woman,
swaddled in an animals’ feed trough.

But beholding the mystery is not
an end in itself.
We know that because of what both Paul and Luke
tell us about why God chooses
this incarnational mystery of redemption.

It is so that we might see in this infant Jesus
not only a glimpse of God’s divinity,
not only a glimpse of God’s humanity,
but also a glimpse of our capacity,
as God’s children, and as God’s heirs,
inheritors who get to share in
the Holy Dream
God has for the world God loves.

This New Year,
more than any I can recall,
I need that glimpse!
These texts,
this magnum mysterium
reminds me,
that it’s not human effort alone,
not strength of body, or will alone,
not character or courage alone
that makes us capable of
of acts of redemption
for ourselves, and our planet.

It is the Dream of God,
the Spirit of God,
the power of God
the risen life of Christ at work in us
that raises us above what we ever dared
hope we could accomplish.

So, am I hopeful for this New Year?
Yes. I’m hopeful because
as Paul said, and Luke,
in the fullness of time,
in the time that is now,
as God has done in every time that is needful,
God’s love is enfleshed in humanity
so that the world – and all its creatures,
might be made whole… redeemed.
How? Well, that’s the magnificent mystery,
isn’t it?

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