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Children singing favourite songs

On June 17 we celebrated our KidZone (Sunday School) programme with an intergenerational, interactive service.  The “sermon” time was replaced by a reflection on the “Seed Stories” in Mark 3.  Rev. Elisabeth wove “Seed stories” from the KidZone year, highlighting the growth in faith, learning and fellowship in each of the KidZone age groups. Children joined in the reflections, and punctuated the reflection time with some of their favourite songs.  Rev. Elisabeth ended with these words:

Just like a mustard seed,
God’s kingdom grows in odd places,
and when it grows, it grows wild, and free.
It’s a bit outrageous and unpredictable,
it’s very ordinary, and some people might mistake God’s Dream for something not worth keeping.
But it is!  And when you see it growing, stand back, and let it grow!
Enjoy its shade, build home within it,  expect miracles of growth!

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