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Kindergarten came to Cedar Park United on March 31, 2012, when Richard Bastien and Terri Coyle treated 14 eager “students” to a morning of relaxation, laughter and fun.  Listen to what Terri and Richard has to say about the experience:

“We got the clear impression that the 14 participants enjoyed the opportunity of reliving their first school experiences in our “Kindergarten for Grown-Ups!” workshop.

We started out reading tug-at-your-heart stories about lessons learned in Kindergarten. Then, the “kids” talked about positive childhood memories while looking at each other’s photos at age 5 or 6. After this happy exchange, they took part in creative drawing, coloring and painting, singing songs together, as well as rediscovering favorite toys and games from the past.

Throughout the morning there were FYI spots, covering the benefits of reading, singing, making art, dancing, “intentional” resting, laughter and play.

After a well-deserved break of milk and cookies, participants took part in an expressive dancing activity enhanced by the sound of inspiring music. Reconnecting with everyone’s inner child was a definite plus in this and other activities of the morning.

The Kindergarten experience ended with a guided, intentional resting activity, also known as “napping”, topping off a busy morning of learning and fun in the company of friends.

The morning ended with each participant receiving a personalized Kindergarten Diploma. The majority declared that this was their first Kindergarten Diploma, and that they were proud to have it!

Our initial objectives of fellowship, stress relief and good old-fashioned fun were definitely met.”

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