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The LGBTQ Youth Centre is a great success! Many youth attend the drop-ins regularly. Other activities at the Centre and in high schools, workshops etc., have reached out to at least 800 youth. Check out the Centre’s website for more information.

Regarding the Nov. 2 fund-raising dinner and silent auction, please consider attending or donating to this gala event. Tickets can be purchased after Sunday worship at Coffee Hour on Oct. 20 and 27, 0r by contacting the Centre.  Absolutely none of these funds will be used for administrative costs. Funds ARE needed for such things as youth programs and camps, maintenance and staffing of the Centre, the media library, and in high schools, giving workshops to counter homophobia, plus assisting in setting up GSAs: student Gay Straight Alliances.

Yes, the Centre is a success, meaning these vulnerable youth have a safe place where some say it has changed their lives, and where they are appreciated for who they are. Also, outreach activities like the GSAs are leading to an attitude change in the community and growing acceptance for LGBTQ youth. Help us keep that momentum going!

LGBTQY Gala 2013 FRCedar Park United Church is proud to be a supporter of the LGBTQ Youth Centre.LGBTQY Gala 2013 EN


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