A recommendation, January 2014

Cedar Park United is growing and vibrant, thanks to good leadership, the many talents, commitment and hard work of our people, both paid and unpaid, and the working of God’s Spirit in our midst. A key element of our five-year plan is to ensure that the congregation has the human resources to continue to live out its vision of offering a place to

feed your spirit ~ fulfill your purpose ~ feel at home”

In line with that goal, a team was formed in fall 2013 to review our ministry resources. The team followed this approach:

  • Interviewed the present employees of Cedar Park United about their roles and where they considered resources were most needed
  • Reviewed the structures and models followed by other congregations
  • Surveyed participants in the Cedar Park United community
  • Carefully considered the results of the interviews and surveys
  • Made recommendations to the Congregational Board of Cedar Park United.

In January 2014 the Board approved a recommendation to hire, on a contract basis, a part-time “Family and Youth Ministry Coordinator” who would have responsibility for family and youth program activities at Cedar Park United, coordinating, enhancing, publicizing and supporting volunteers in their ministries. This addition to our ministry leadership team would:

  • Work approximately ten hours per week under the supervision of the full-time ordained minister
  • Be accountable to the congregation’s Ministry and Personnel committee
  • Be compensated at a rate of some $10,000 per annum.

The Board also accepted a recommendation to develop a similar position to support ministries to and by adults and seniors in the near future.

As required by the policy guidelines of the United Church of Canada, the Family and Youth Ministry Coordinator position description must be reviewed by the Montreal Presbytery’s Pastoral Relations Committee and Presbytery. Approval is expected on February 22, 2014. If the congregation approves the new position at the February 23 Annual General meeting, a search committee will be convened. The starting date of the new employee would be August 2014.

Questions may be directed to Paul Clarke, the chair of the Ministry Review Team, or Sabra Ledent, chair of the Congregational Board.


We have provided some answers below

1) Can we afford it?
Answer: Yes, if we keep up our current givings and make wise choices to balance ministry funding with building maintenance

2) What about Christie?
Answer: The position of KidZone coordinator is currently a ‘paid volunteer’, who receives a token honorarium for c. 6-7 hours work per week.  This position creates a full “staff” position, accountable to Ministry and Personnel, with all the support and accountability that goes with that.

3) What about other sectors of our community, like Seniors?
Answer: With a Family and Youth Ministry Coordinator in place, this enables the Minister to devote more time and focus to other areas of the congregation’s ministry including ministry with adults and Seniors. The Ministry Review Team recommends, and Board approved recommendation, that as needs and funds allow, we plan for future staffing in this area. (As set out in the Five Year Plan)