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More Hope for the House

Introduction In the past 2 years faith explorers at Cedar Park United have asked the question “If the Church were Christian?” and have contemplated what is needed to build “A House for Hope” while “Living our Logo.”  This new series will continue and deepen the conversation about our faithful future as a progressive, affirming, welcoming Christian community.

Some of the questions we will explore, with help from voices across the Christian tradition (in print and visual media), include:

• Does God need the Church?  What hopes does God have for “houses for hope”?

• How does “mainline” Christianity (and the United Church of Canada in particular) transform itself to respond faithfully and well to the 21st century context?

• How might “houses for hope” (communities of faith) be responsive to the spiritually hungry? to the “church allergic” who are searching for a life of value, purpose and authenticity?

• How can affirming, progressive Christian communities respond to the global rise of fundamentalist religion? (What do we share in common with progressive religious groups of other world faiths?)


We will meet for four Wednesdays, 7:30 – 9:30 PM, in the Common Room.  Focussing on a theme for each evening, we will use video clips and short readings to stimulate conversation and discussion.

May 14  More Hope for the House:  Blueprints for communities of hope/faith

May 21  “Emergence”   From Ants and Brains to Communities of Faith

May 28  United Church of Canada possible futures: Fishing on the Other Side

June 4  Beyond our Wood and Stone: patterns of authentic living, possibilities for partnership


Sharing in leadership for this series:  Paul Clarke, Renate Sutherland, Rick Sheffer, Rev. Angie Arendt, Peter McGaugh, Rev. Elisabeth.

Register online so that we can prepare enough materials for everyone, and prepare for those planning to attend. Even if you cannot come to every session, please register so you can be included in updates.


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