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First Sunday in Advent

First Sunday of Advent

Mark 13: 32-37

©2020 Rev. Dr. Elisabeth R. Jones

Intro to scripture

Two millennia have passed.
Some are still waiting for a rapturous second coming.
Others of us walk the double path of Advent.
We walk the double path,
and become followers of a human one
whose way of living God’s Dream
has birthed in us
a longing, a yearning, a craving
for the coming of God’s true justice
of God’s deep abiding love,
of God’s capacity to heal nations,
heal planets, heal human hearts.

In walking to the manger, we remind ourselves
of this miracle of our faith,
that God comes – God’s Advent
comes in the form of a newborn human.
We get to celebrate that in all of our first naivete
and hard-won world wisdom…
we get to remember the innocence of new life,
and hope and possibility.
We get to infuse the end of this awful year
with the promise of a new life!
And we will sing our carols,
we will lean in like children
to the stories of angels and shepherds,
and wandering wiseones, we’ll let our kids
add Darth Vader into the crèche scene,
because well, good does conquer broken-born evil!

In walking to the manger this Advent
we also remind ourselves
of the second miracle of our faith,
that God comes – God’s Advent is born
in the discipled lives of those
ordinary people like us
who are prepared to shape our way in life
following that baby from birth right through to resurrection!

Advent is for those of us who live
in the middle, this mean-time.
It’s an invitation to us
to keep watch, to take heart,
to stay alert, and to be about those appointed tasks,
to fulfill
this unknowingly long time
with the ‘stuff’ of Kingdom building,
of Dream weaving,
of justice seeking, peacemaking,
and heart-healing,
freedom bringing,….

fulfilling the time, time and time again,
so that God’s reign, God’s Dream
comes true on earth as it is in heaven.


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