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Thanksgiving Reflections on the Text.

Rev. Elisabeth led the all-ages gathering in a collective reflection on the two texts. 

For the passage from Joel, we discovered that the prophet speaks first to “the soil” and then to the animals of the pasture lands, before he addresses the humans.  This reminds us that God’s Dream for the world is not only directed at the wellbeing of humans, but all God’s creatures.   This passage echoes God’s work of creation, and paints a word picture of a ‘renewed creation’ all of which gives thanks to God.

For the passage from Matthew, many acknowledged how hard it is to “Not worry” when life is worrisome! Jesus takes time to gradually get us to lift our furrowed faces up from the worries immediately before us, inviting us to look at the lilies of the field, and the birds of the air – again, a look into the care God takes of all creation -  and then in a masterful twist, Jesus invites us to put our best worrying energies to caring about the things God worries about!  Namely creating moments of blessings, loving, sharing, caring,  of justice-making for the whole planet, including those we care for most closely.

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