With great pleasure and excitement Cedar Park United  unveiled its new logo in 2012! The result of many months of thought and reflection, the logo conveys what we feel is the essence of our message. Read on to find out more about the logo creating process, the meaning behind it, and how we can all learn to use it.

It’s not only in the business world that communications play an important role — they do in churches, too! The consistent use of graphic standards is essential for conveying the essence of who we are as a Christian organization, our values, our personality, our inherent qualities. Through the long-term and consistent use of our logo, we aim to build a clear, easily recognizable identity that is accessible to all.

At its December 21, 2010, meeting, the Congregational Board struck a task force to look at all forms of church communications (signage, flyers, website, and so forth,) with the goal of coming up with a new external communications strategy to enable the church to present itself to the local community and larger world in a more consistent, creative, and polished fashion. Later, a team was formed under the task force to look into the design of a logo and the development of a signature (or tagline) in both French and English so that the church could enjoy a refreshed  look.

At its February 21, 2012, meeting, the Board approved the logo and the signatures, which  were then presented to the larger congregation at the Annual General Meeting on February 26.

What is the meaning behind the logo?


The symbol represents the spirit of Cedar Park United — opening to new ideas, to new people, to worship of God, to celebrating and cherishing creation, and to living out God’s call for us as a community of faith.

It also offers a sheltering, comforting, or supportive arm around us, a gesture of inclusion, a safe place to be.

Its flowing lines are intended to convey a human, organic, vibrant experience.


The blue and orange give  a nod to our window colours, while green suggests our commitment to being a green church.


The typeface is Calluna, a modern font that is grounded in traditional forms.

The signatures, in the same font, use the more flowing lines of lower case italics, without formal punctuation, to imply softness and welcome.


The logo itself is comprised of the symbol and wordmark (Cedar Park United), locked together as a graphic. The signatures may be added or omitted, as space and purpose dictate.

Along with a new logo inevitably come questions about its use. We encourage you to read through the logo FAQ that we have prepared, and invite you to contact us if you need a more detailed explanation.