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On Friday, September 28, the Cedar Park United Church hall was transformed–for a few fun hours, at least–into the Lord and Crown Pub. Decked out in cozy pub-style decor, the Lord and Crown served a delicious array of food and drink, much to the pleasure of its 80+ guests. The highlight of the evening was the quiz led by Erica Geller, Pointe-Claire’s well-known quiz mistress from Ye Olde Orchard. The trivia was fun (but tricky!) and it seems everyone went home with a little more knowledge in their heads–or at least several facts they couldn’t wait to look up (do YOU know what an icosahedron is?).

An enormous thank you goes out to all those who spent long hours setting up the hall, buying the groceries, preparing and serving the food and drink, selling the tickets and, of course, cleaning up. The word around town is that we can’t wait for the NEXT pub quiz night at the Lord and Crown!

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