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A message from Martha Randy, Chair of CPU’s Christian Development Team

At Cedar Park United’s end-of-year congregational picnic in June,  sunflower seedlings were handed out to all those wishing to plant one. Why, you might be wonderintg (other than the fact that it’s awfully fun to watch a sunflower grow…)? So that everyone could spend the summer pondering the ways in which they might put their talents and gifts to work this school year in support of our youth and children’s ministries.

One leftover sunflower was also popped into the ground in front of Rev. Elisabeth’s office window before the church went on its July sabbath. (Wondering how it turned out? See the middle picture above!!)

There are surely a whole variety of sunflower stories to be shared: the awe at how fast they grew, the sadness at having them cracked over during a windy thunderstorm, the frustration of squirrels chewing away at them, the cheery way they brightened up the garden.

It’s hard NOT to draw the comparison to our children and youth: How fast their feet grow; how painful to watch them go through life’s struggles; how frustrating some of their “modern” pasttimes seem to the older generations; how beautiful when a child’s grin lights up a room! Not to mention those surprising “late bloomers”…

There are so many amazing opportunities here at Cedar Park for being “good gardeners” of our young people. Would you be interested in being part of the youth group support team? Could you be a KidZone teacher or assistant for one of the one-month teaching blocks? How about attending our F4 movie night or Tot Time play group to get to know the families that Cedar Park reaches out to? Even providing snacks or rides can be an invaluable support. We do hope you’ll contact us if you have gifts such as these to share–we really do want to hear from you!

Cedar Park United is a church of great spiritual dirt–which shows in the amazing growth of our young family ministries. Gardeners, let’s get to work!

(And if you have sunflower stories and pictures to share, please do! We’ll add them to this page..)

Dark sunflowers  Sunflower late bloomer   Multiple sunflowers

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