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Thanks to the full house for the CPU Christmas Choir Celebration, the proceeds of $2,166, when added to amounts already donated and the amount raised from the Ride for Refuge 2016, brought the fund balance to $37,400. This will support Cedar Park United’s Syrian Refugee Response.

Meanwhile, we continue to wait for news, along with our family in Turkey, as our sponsorship application winds its way through the normal government application processes. Like most private sponsors across Canada, we find the wait longer than we’d like, but we are in proactive and regular contact with our government representatives, who have been helpful at several junctures in understanding and advancing the process.

With this rapidly approaching day in mind, the SRR team is preparing for their arrival, opting for the government-recommended  practice of forming  working teams in areas such as residence, job search and education to address the various needs of the family as they express them. We’ll be reaching out to the CPU community in the coming weeks to expand these teams. This is a real team effort! Please keep all of us in your prayers.             

For more information see Syrian Refugee Response page

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