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At the pancake lunch on February 10,, newcomers and oldtimers alike were treated to a quiz on the ins and outs of Cedar Park United. What a time! Our quizmaster, Rev. Elisabeth, had us go to great lengths (or at least to the end of the table…) to find the answers. How far will you go?

Give it a try and see how you do! Once you’ve answered all the questions, contact us and we’ll send you the answers!

CPU Jeopardy Quiz Questions

1.  Which Commuter train station is closest to Cedar Park United?

2. When did Cedar Park Congregation begin?

3.  What’s the URL of our website?

4.  Where is Cedar Park United’s “old building”, and what is it now?

5.  Who  goes up in the belfry to ring the bells on Sunday morning?

6.  What does a Narthex eat for breakfast?

7.  What is a font? Where is the font?  Of what is it made?

8.  Name three things that the Pastoral Care Ministry team does?

9.  What would you do when you see a new person at CPU?

a) rush to your favourite seat in case they get there first

b) ask someone else who the new person might be

c) go introduce yourself, and find out who they are

10. Do you know how to work the kitchen dishwasher? (Careful, this is a trick question!)

11.  What should you do if you come face to face with the Church reredos?

12. What is the Church Board, and where will you find it?  How many legs does it have?

13. Name someone you know who has been at CPU for more than 40 years, AND someone who has been here for less than 2 years.

14. Where is the hakisak?

15. Is the church

a) a building

b) a worship space

c) a community of faith

d) all of the above

e) none of the above

16. Who was Cedar Park’s first woman minister?

17.   If you have a question about the church, or a meeting or event, who would you ask? How would you ask?

18. Where do we keep our church elephants?  (Yes, we have church elephants, don’t you?)

19. If you are a kid,  or an adult who loves to be with our awesome kids where do you want to be the third week in August?

20.   Can you describe our  CPU logo? (What does it say)

21.  Our building is over 50 years old: How often should it have a colonoscopy?

22.  Who helps to pay for heating, maintenance and salaries for CPU?

23.  If it’s Friday, you’re hungry, and want to watch a movie with family or friends, where do you go?

24.  How many different ways can you sing at CPU?

25. Name your favourite thing about CPU in  20 seconds, make a list!


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