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At Cedar Park’s Ash Wednesday service (which marks the beginning of the season of Lent,  the 40 days leading up to Easter), Rev. Elisabeth Jones had this to share:

“Lent, I’ve decided, is an awkward season.  Deeply rooted in a Catholic religious tradition, Protestant Christians have never been entirely comfortable with it Lent.

Do we give things up?   Do we say special prayers of penitence? Do we really have to do the ‘ash’ thing?  Isn’t it unnecessarily gloomy in an already gloomy world?

All good questions that shouldn’t be dismissed, but wrestled with, repeatedly, maybe  for about 40 days or so!  This is what makes it awkward.”

At Cedar Park. there are several different ways in which you can move through this awkward season:

… Bring your children to KidZone on Sundays throughout Lent. They’ll be moving along the road to Easter each Sunday, as they learn about this period of preparation leading up to Easter. And they’re bound to share what they’ve learned with you!

… Attend our Wednesday night Lenten faith exploration study, If the Church Were Christian…, which is using Philip Gulley’s book as a starting point for discussion.   Can’t find a babysitter or on the road for work? No problem: You can follow and participate in the study online via  Rev. Elisabeth’s blog!

… Be part of worship on Sunday mornings at 10. Let our worship leadership inspire and challenge you, and wonderful music lift your spirit. And if it’s hard for you to get here on a Sunday morning, you can read and listen to the sermons right here on the website.

Lent Sermon themes (subject to change by the Holy Spirit!!)

o Lent 1: Feb 17   “Devilish Distractions
o Lent 2: Feb 24  “Joy and Crown” Lent? (AGM to follow)
o Lent 3: Mar 3  “Ridiculously Generous God” (Communion)
o Lent 4: Mar 10  “Forgiven….” (Baptism)
o Lent 5: Mar 17  Pathways to Healing (Healing Service)
o Palm Sunday: Mar 24  “Mixed Emotions” (All-Ages)
o Good Friday: Mar 29 10 am “Forsaken?” (Meditation and Music)
o Easter Sunrise 7 am Windmill Pointe
o Easter Worship: Mar 31  “Dawning Resurrection” (Communion)

As Rev. Elisabeth said as a conclusion to her Ash Wednesday message:

 “Lent is awkward because it is an invitation  to see deeply into our life, the life of God in Christ, and the life of the world, and to wrestle for 40 days with the distinct possibility that when these three lives come together, and blend like ash with oil on a forehead, resurrection may, just, indeed, happen.”


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