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When was the last time you were given the chance to make (and throw!) paper airplanes, decorate cookies, create Play-Dough sculptures and play with blocks–during the sermon?! On February 10, you could have!

As part of an intergenerational service (meaning that the children remain in the sanctuary throughout the entire service)  around the story of the Transfiguration, Rev. Elisabeth encouraged the congregation to experience transfiguration on a very personal, tactile, and memorable level: by creating something new at five different ‘transfiguration stations’ around the sanctuary.


After a dramatic storytelling  of the Bible story, the holy play began: paper airplanes were folded and flown, cookies were decorated (and some were even eaten!), amazing Play-Dough sculptures were created, and laughter filled the room.

The lesson in transfiguration concluded with the altar table being covered in less than typical items… Very different from a more traditional sermon, but meaningful on a deep level for many.


The next intergenerational service will be taking place on Palm Sunday, March 24. Why not come along and see what surprises will be awaiting you and your family at Cedar Park?







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