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The Joint Search Committee is soliciting applications from potentially suitable candidates for the position of ordained minister of our Congregation. Members of the committee are Margaret Vost, Peter Forton, Pam Hunt, Nancy Walsh, Terry Taylor, Elsa Dondenaz, Will Jost, Norman Jones, Sabra Ledent, and Cindy Bray. We’d appreciate your participation in several ways:

1) If you’re aware of anyone who you believe may be a suitable qualified and gifted potential candidate, whether or not they are currently looking for a new call, please provide their name to Elsa Dondenaz Harvey 

 2) If you’re aware of a person with significant knowledge of ministers in the United Church who might be in a position to help us identify potentially suitable candidates, please provide the name of that person to Elsa.

 3) As we go into the summer, please keep the process of search and call in your thoughts and prayers as we hold ourselves open to the Spirit’s call.

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