Who pays for Cedar Park United’s ministry?

Cedar Park United is self- supporting. That is, the resources, both time and commitment and financial means to support the facility, staff and operation of the organization are provided by the participants. We do not charge a membership fee, but depend on free-will offerings. This is based on our wish that everyone feel welcome to participate fully in the life of the community regardless of their financial situation, and on the belief that the Spirit will inspire the generosity necessary for its ministry to thrive. Therefore, this page has been prepared in order to give participants some direction in deciding what is an appropriate amount for their financial and non-financial contributions.

What financial resources are required?

For 2016 we expect that the funding requirements of our ministry will be approximately $340,000, supporting Worship, Christian Development, Social Justice and Pastoral Care. The primary inputs to those ministries are salaries, premises, program expenses and contributions to other organizations (Social Justice and Mission and Service (M&S) Fund). The attached CPU Money in and out 2016. provides more details. From time to time there are additional projects that need financial support.

As with any building more than 50 years old, elements require renewal or updating. We have various projects planned or under way to protect the investment in God’s Dream by our community those 50 years ago and to leave a legacy, a building properly equipped and maintained for ministry and mission.

How much should I give?

Our goal for 2017 is to increase support for our local ministry from $200,000 to $210,000, an increase of $10,000 or 5%. These figures exclude rental income, fundraising projects and contributions received for the M&S fund.This will allow us to go forward with our ministry in a building that is adequately maintained for our needs. In 2016 we had approximately 140 supporting families. Not all can contribute equally. For some, our goal might translate into total annual contributions of $2,000 or more annually; for others, it might be less. Recognizing that not all can contribute at this level, some of our leading contributors provide over $6,000 annually. Please consider prayerfully how you might ensure that Cedar Park United’s ministry continues to thrive.

What is that Mission & Service Fund?

The General Council (National) Office of the United Church of Canada and its activities and projects are financed by voluntary contributions from participants as well. Contributions to the Mission and Service (M&S) Fund are usually made as a component of ones total church offering (additional to “regular” offering). The offerings designated for M&S are forwarded directly to the National Office by the local church treasurer. Cedar Park United’s M&S contributions have been about 8% of total financial contributions, with 92% being for our local church operating expenses.

What if I can’t afford to give much?

We have people at all stages of life and of varying means, who play a full and active role in our community. Many who cannot make a large financial contribution find other ways to support our ministry in significant ways and the time and talents that they contribute are essential to our living out of the God’s Dream.

I am new to the community “ what is expected of me?

We believe that is it important that you have your needs met as part of our community and we are glad that you are with us on this journey. As one would expect, people tend to contribute modestly when they are new to the community and gradually increase to a higher level of giving as they develop their understanding and appreciation for the our shared mission “ God’s Dream. Please let the Church Office or the Minister know in what ways you might like to become involved.

What methods of giving are available?

We receive some contributions on an annual basis, some as special one-time donations and some in response to special appeals. Regular contributions may be made through weekly offering envelopes, post-dated cheques, or the pre-authorized remittance system.

Offering Envelopes

This is a set of small envelopes, either one for each Sunday of the year or one for each month of the year. Each envelope is marked with an identification number which allows your offering to be credited to you while maintaining a degree of confidentiality. Offering envelopes may be obtained on request at any time.

Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR)

This is a system whereby you may authorize payments to be made by electronic transfer from your bank account or your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX) to the church’s account according to the amount and interval you specify. The above alternatives may be used in combination. For example, you might give a basic amount by Pre-Authorized Remittance, and make supplementary contributions as your finances allow through Offering Envelopes. PAR is our preferred method as it provides a stable inflow of funds, even through the summer months when bills are still required to be paid.The transfers may be cancelled or amended at any time for any reason.

On line

You can make a donation from the comfort of your home using E Transfer/ online banking. First you have to setup Cedar Park United Church as a payee and use the CPU email address to make the transfer cedarparkunited@videotron.ca . Contact the Church office to set up the security question or email us to let us know what is the answer to your question. The Church’s bank account is at RBC so there is no transaction fee if you also bank at RBC. However, if you bank elsewhere you will be charged by your bank a transaction fee of$1.50. Another way of donating online is to go to CanadaHelps.org where Cedar park United is setup as a charitable organization.

Credit Cards

We use the organization Square One for accepting donations via credit card. It’s safe and secure as card information is encrypted at the moment of the swipe. Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover. To make a donation, see the Treasurer Steve Cole, any Sunday morning or our Church Administrator Elizabeth Chown Lafreniere any weekday morning.


Many of those who value and support the ministry of Cedar Park United wish to see it thrive into the future and leave a bequest in their last will and testament that provides a legacy for future generations.If you are interested, please talk to the Treasurer.

Donations of investments

There are very favorable tax rules that exempt any gains realized on gifting of investments (for example shares) to a registered charity as well as providing a donation tax receipt for the value of the investment. If you have shares with significant capital gains (perhaps you have held them a long time) this may be very beneficial. Talk to the Treasurer for more information. 

Do I get a donation receipt?

All amounts received in support of our ministry are receipted. A confidential record of identifiable contributions is kept and at the end of the year you will receive a tax receipt.If you have charitable donations in excess of $200 in a year, the tax credit is calculated at the top tax rate of close to 50% of your contribution.The % tax credit is less for total annual contributions less than $200.

How do I get involved in non-financial ways?

Everyone is an important part of our community and God’s gift to us. As you get to know us you may see an area in which you have gifts to contribute, in time, expertise, caring, ideas. As you get to know us we hope that you will be fed spiritually, fulfill your purpose and feel at home. Our Time and Talent formis a good way of letting us know about your gifts and areas of interest or just talk to the Church Office or the Minister.