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Fundraising dinner set for October.

A God Who Calls Jeremiah 1:4-10, 18-19 Delivered by Rev. Elisabeth R. Jones This is the third in the series of sermons exploring the way the prophets have portrayed God.

Be sure to mark all the dates in your calendar as we fill out the schedule!

All women are welcome.

Cedar Park’s music program is exceptional. Please come and be part of it.

A two-day seminar, October 1 and 2, sponsored by Cedar Park’s Christian Development Ministry….

Go see the newly expanded store and take $$ and friends…. Congratulations to our own Janet Cheasley, who was project manager for the expansion.

It’s new–date night for couples of all ages….. On mange aussi. Pourquoi pas? C’est Cedar Park!

A Case of Sour Grapes Isaiah 5:1-7 (Ps 80) Delivered by Rev. Elisabeth Jones “Chilling”  “Cynical and negative” “Devoid of Gospel” These are quotations from lectionary resources for this week’s reading.

Reflection “The Winner Takes it All” Delivered by Rev. Rich Sheffer It’s a pleasure to be here among friends.

Topic: “Just who is this (Old Testament) God anyway?”

A Window into the Heart of God Hosea 11: 1-11  Delivered by Rev. Elisabeth Jones As ‘advertised’ in your worship bulletin, for the four weeks I am here, I shall be preaching a series of sermons on the Lectionary readings from the Old Testament Prophets.

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