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Rich Man, Poor Man Jeremiah 32:1-3a, 6-15 Luke 16:19-31 Delivered by Rev. Ron Coughlin Prayer O God, speak to us in this place,

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The Hardest Parable Jeremiah 8:18–9:1 Luke 16: 1–13 Delivered by Rev. Ron Coughlin Did you know that the original writers of the Old and New Testaments did not use any punctuation?

The Lost and Found Jeremiah 4: 11-12, 22-28 Luke 15: 1-10 Delivered by Rev. Ron Coughlin Prayer: Holy God, in worship we sing your praises, we listen to your word and we seek to understand its message for our time and our place. May we experience the wisdom of your word and the power of…

Demanding Discipleship Jeremiah 18: 1-11 Luke 14: 25-33 Delivered by Rev. Ron Coughlin Prayer: Your eternal word, O God, is always spoken as mortal words into a fleeting moment. As we hear mortal words from long ago, help us to catch the eternal word behind them. Enable us to let that word shape us and…

Pentecost 14: Jesus the Prophet and the Banquet of God Isaiah 55 Luke 14: 1, 4-14 Delivered by Rev. Elisabeth Jones This is the last in a series of sermons in which we have looked at the Old Testament Prophets, asking the question “Who do they think God is?”

The topic is “Living the Questions.”

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