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What will we do with all this wine?
John 2:1-11
“I wonder what they did with all that wine?” To explore that question, we need to travel back from here to the village of Cana, about thirty years after the events of the story. Give me a moment to help us do that……

“Water, Spirit, Beloved.”
To quote one of our members from her facebook page:
“Christmas is all packed up and put away!”
The thank you notes have been sent, (well that’s the intention), the kids are back at school……

“The 365 Days of Christmas”
It is an annual ritual at our house:
Every December, when it is time to pull out the Christmas tree and ornaments, we also pull out our crèches.

“The last place on earth”
Poet of Christmas, Ann Weems has this poem called “had we been there” in which she proposes that if it had been left up to us, we would not have chosen to send the world’s saviour in the fashion that Luke tells us God “sent his son into the world.”

“Just Like Us”
It’s a travel story, which while two thousand years old could easily be repeated in our own day.

Within one generation of Jesus’ life, people began to ponder the mystery and wonder of his story, and the incredible claim that lies at its heart:

Our Social Justice Focus for January: The Montreal Diet Dispensary

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