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“The perplexity of a ridiculous tale”
could be a quotation from one of the best-selling faith busters like
Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins, (though it isn’t)
and it is hardly a fit title for a sermon in a Christian Church on Easter Sunday morning….

Easter Sunrise Meditation

We’re too late!!
Nous arrivons trop tard!!
We set our alarms –
rather early for a Sunday morning,

This week’s service was an inter-generational journey from Palm Sunday to the Passion of Good Friday. This all ages inclusive walk through Holy Week engaged all in an experience of readings, movement, images and music.

What an amazing day!

A moving experience…

“Lift the heavy heart that holds me down.”

This cumulative exposure to both Old and New Testaments has led me to conclusion that I find curious: God is a Healer. God is many things, but at heart, God is a Healer. At heart.

How NOT to raise a family!

Sometimes a story this familiar doesn’t need to be preached, so much as experienced……..

A tasty, book-filled weekend to remember!

“Grace Beyond our Knowing”

Here we are, at the mid-point of Lent.
Some of you may indeed be at that ‘awkward’ phase
of craving the chocolate, or wine,
or the dessert you’ve given up for the season….

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