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Stewardship Sunday

A Dream of God where the thirsty, hungry, work-worn slaves in Babylonian captivity can drink cool water, where the penniless can buy a meal that will fill their bellies for days…..

Matters of the Heart.

I will write my Law – My Dream upon their hearts. They shall be my people, and I shall be their God. Always.

Thanksgiving service involved everyone!

Tickets are available now in support of this great cause.

Cedar Park United supports the Dix-Mille Villages fair trade store. Come learn more!

Everyday Faith

I need to begin with a preacher’s confession; while we’ve spent three of the last four weeks in the Hebrew Scriptures courtesy of Jeremiah the Fruitcake, playing with clay in the potter’s hand, grappling with the grief of God, and imagining the ridiculous Dream of God for a redeemed future for our broken planet, we’ve ignored the Lectionary Gospel of Luke. And at our peril it seems!

This Dream of God

As I look around on this Sunday morning, I see generations before me. First I see the gaps of those we’ve buried in the last few years

Ever feel like Jesus has been kidnapped by the Christian Right and discarded by the Secular Left?

On Sunday, Oct. 13, Cedar Park will be holding a food drive.

“The 100% Certainty” is a workshop open to all.

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