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The Kind of World God Dreams of

“Watch me! I’m about to create a new heaven and a new earth!” Begins the Seer. God’s Poet Laureate, some have called Isaiah.

The lert we have in mind might surprise you!

Find out how you can start helping right now.

White Stones.

Many of you have seen them. Perhaps you’ve been to Vimy Ridge in Normandy. Perhaps you’ve watched your boy-child suddenly robbed of his wooden toy-gun-play innocence by the starkness of these white stones

Nearly 30 attended workshop on end-of-life issues.

Fair trade shopping for a great cause!

For All the Saints

Most Sundays at Cedar Park we delve into the living text of Scripture for God’s guidance and the Spirit’s leading on how we can live as followers of the Way of Jesus Christ.

Advent is Living in Expectancy and Readiness for Transformation.

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