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The Man at the Back of the Manger

This sermon was accompanied/illustrated by projection on the screen of some dozen artworks, from the 14th to 21st century, each portraying the character of Joseph.

Un/reasonable expectation

It is hard to let John the Baptist go back to his sour grapes and brood of vipers without trying to soften the blow of his passing, but today we shall. He’ll be back next year.

Give a gift with lasting value this Christmas.

Be A/lert!

I need to begin our Advent Season with thanks to the Advent Worship Imagineers: a group of 5 who responded to a general invitation not to plan, to be playfully creative in imagining

What does the reign of Christ look like today?

Who was he? This crucified one? This young man called Jesus? This Son of Mary, Son of God?

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