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Fulfilling your Purpose is core to what we are about. Do you feel a nudge to get more involved?

From Conflict to Common Purpose.

This week we are blessed with the leadership of Middle Zone’s unique take on this letter, and what it means for us today.

Living in the Light: Gratitude

For this Season of Epiphany – the season of light, we are using the lectionary texts to explore what it means for us as individuals and as a community, to “live in the light”, to live our lives as if God matters,

Living in the Light: Called and Chosen.

Christmas is over. The spectacular tree is down and packed away for another year,
with all the other decorations, except this one. (Epiphany star)
Taking the advice of Rev. Ellie in her sermon,
we’re not going to pack away the light of Epiphany just yet.

Newborn King, Prince of Peace.

When Jesus was born, there was already a King in Judea. This name was Herod . He liked to be called Great, Herod the Great. Herod was no David, no Solomon, and he knew it.

Tidings of Conflict and Joy

For most of us who sort of know the story of this night, this holy night of Jesus’ birth, we have a pageant running in our head. It would involve Mary and Joseph, probably a donkey, the town of Bethlehem, a hotel that’s all booked up, with a stable at the back.

Team volunteer event to get out there and help others

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