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Cape Dorset, the “capital of Inuit Art,” has a higher proportion of artists than any city in Canada—almost one quarter of its workforce are professional print-makers, carvers and artists.

Almost half of non-Aboriginal Canadians living in cities have not heard or read anything about Indian residential schools?

Hockey and lacrosse, Canada’s national sports, are based on games that Aboriginal Canadians have been playing for hundreds of years

Compared to other Canadians, First Nations People’s homes are 90 times more likely to be without running water, and currently 90 First Nations communities cannot drink the water that comes out of their taps.

Canadian Cree and Métis served as code-keepers for the Allies’ top-secret transmissions during the Second World War, sending and translating messages into Cree and then back into English.

Learn from daily facts about Aboriginal Peoples’ culture, experiences, rights and history to gain a better understanding of the experiences of Aboriginal Peoples

If we do not help and support our Aboriginal brothers and sisters …. all of the peoples of Canada will be the poorer for it.

Living in the Light: Choose Life!

That child whose birth we celebrated just under two months ago, whose life, ministry, death, and resurrected ongoing life has changed this world in ways beyond our imagining. What difference does his life make to ours?

We are a safe and open community where questions and different perspectives are encouraged.

Grains of Salt, Flames of Light.

In contemporary youth speak “Cool!”, in Jesus’ word, “Blessed!” It’s such a crying shame that our Christian religious heritage has managed to cloud this clear vision God has of us;

Living as Light to the Bedraggled.

You could say that what we read today Matthew’s version of Jesus’ first sermon; his inaugural address to the people of God ; what he says here is going to set the tone for everything that follows;

West Island Palliative Care Residence receives cheque.

YOU can make a difference!

A Family Life Centre event on Feb. 27.

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