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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

So, God be thanked for Thomas. Thomas, so-called “the twin,” our twin methinks, Thomas the doubter, the pragmatist, the empiricist.

The Heart of the Matter

It seems to me that the Christian Church has been over-compensating for the past 2000 years.

Gear up for camp Monday, August 18 to Friday August 22 from 9 am – 12pm.

Can these Bones Live?

Well, we’ve done it now! We’ve done our faithful duty of passing on to a new generation that most wonderful of Spirituals, “Dem Bones!”

A Banquet in the Midst of My Enemies

God is a healer. From our first biblical encounter with the Great Spirit, Creator of the Universe, when God breathes a healing word over chaos, and the beauty of creation is born,

Here are some of the ways that we are experiencing and celebrating Easter. Yes, there will be Easter eggs too…You are very welcome to particpate with us.

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