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Wait! What?!

The first Sunday of Advent is a day when we expect to be ushered gently into the Season of waiting, and anticipation.

A Living Gift is a way to honour a person you care about by giving a gift that makes a social contribution.

Of Kingdoms and Dreams

Does it feel a bit odd? Listening to Luke telling us about the crucifixion, in November?

This is an exciting time of year, of preparation, expectation and celebration of the birth of something new, God among us. You are welcome to participate in whatever way is life giving for you.

What to do when Temples Fall

Let’s name the elephant in the room; there was an election in the US this past week.

God the Widow’s Cry

It is one of those difficult texts. It doesn’t seem to be, at first. Jesus, on the road to Jerusalem, talking about the Dream of God,

Texts and Textures, an Advent Bible Study, will explore the Bible with a “midrashic imagination”.

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