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The Perfect Invitation.

Is this not all, de trop, too much? Turning the other cheek? Going the extra mile?

An Invitation to Go Deep.

What happened?! After three weeks of free-pass invitation, grounded in grace, to “Come, see! Be blessed! Be counted as salt and light…” Jesus seems to have shifted in his seat,

This week Douglas Knight presented a cheque of $2,500 from Voices for Hope concerts to Jessica Newey, Events Coordinator, West Island Palliative Care Residence.

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Follow Me – A Daunting Invitation

When we tell this story with children, and when we sing their songs, it’s such fun! There’s a hopefulness to it,

The Great Invitation: Come and See!

Epiphanies. We all have them… Those small and great Ahas; the new app or gadget, or those light dawning realizations that help things fall into place, or that change everything,

Here’s an overview of activities taking place under our roof February 13 – March 5

We journey through Lent – and life – with some surprising companions who share God’s Dream of a healed and healing world.

In a spontaneous show of support, numerous individuals who connect with Cedar Park United turned up at the Dorval mosque on Monday evening or at Friday prayers at the DDO mosque.

All the new, gently used and hand-knit scarves will be blessed and sent out next Sunday with bilingual tags saying “I’m not lost. If you’re cold, take me”

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