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Body of Christ: Embodied

The human body has 206 bones, 639 muscles and about 3 kilos of skin,
5 litres of blood coursing through about 210,000 km of veins, arteries, capillaries.

Here’s a quick look at activities coming up under our roof February 17 – March 16

Plain Speaking on Level Ground
“Listen for what is familiar,
listen for what is strange,” I invited you as we began the Gospel text.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

On Sunday Mar 10, at 11.30, bring your lunch and help plan our Food Ministry; the what, when, how and who?

On March 16 we will celebrate the one year anniversary of Sa’ed, Najah, Hareth, Zafay, and Islam’s arrival in Canada from Syria. We are hosting a a Canadian/Middle Eastern Buffet at 6 pm

What’s the Catch?

Now, I don’t know much about fishing. We bought a rod once, and “Fishing for Dummies” but we were too dumb to catch more than weeds.

In Summer and Fall 2018 we solicited visioning input from a wide range of Cedar Park United (CPU) stakeholders, including participants at the Faith Fiesta and user groups. Read on for a summary.

Gathering in Community Hall

Here’s a quick look at activities coming up under our roof February 10 – March 16

Build a Longer Table

Did you notice that conversation between Mary and her Son Jesus? It used to bother me that Jesus seems, well, somehow less than“Jesus” at this moment, but not anymore. May I tell you why?

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