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Here’s a quick look at upcoming activities January 5 – 18

Reflecting with Mary

Readings, reflections and carols from the perspective of Mary

Against All The Odds: Joy!

Joy shall come to the wilderness! – all the more exuberant for its unexpected interruption into the narrative of dormancy, or worse, death.

Here’s a quick look at upcoming activities December 15, 2019 – January 18, 2020

Coffee House Players for the evening: Richard BastienBob BirnieRicky BuchePeggy Johnston-LeRoyRod LeRoyMartha RandyAndrew WeldonCathie WeldonJoan WelshRon Williams The Grinch (Dr. Seuss) – Bob Birnie Blue Christmas (B. Hayes/J. W. Johnson) – Ron Williams Christmas Carols – Peggy Johnston-LeRoy, Cathie Weldon & Joan Welsh Mary Did You Know? (M. Lowry/B. Green) – Richard Bastien & Ricky…

Coffee House Poster 2019-10-25

Coffee House Players for the evening: “A Little R&R” (Richard Bastien & Ricky Buche)Bob BirnieKarlheinz SchulerLisa & Nancy Walsh Let It Be Me (Everly Brothers) – “A Little R&R” La Vie en rose (Édith Piaf) – “A Little R&R” Blame It On the Bossa Nova (C. Weil/B. Mann) – “A Little R&R” Virginia Moon (D….

It starts with a stump (the price for a Peaceable Kindom)

Is it possible for God’s new life to appear precisely in those places we assume to be dead?

Here’s a quick look at upcoming activities December 8 -24

Hope for the World: A World for Hope

Which one is it, Isaiah?
Which vision is the true Word of God that you saw?
Is it the iniquity, callousness and utter desolation,
or is it the holy mountain to whom the nations stream
in shafts of peaceful light?
Which do you see?
Which do you find easier to believe to be true?

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