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Here is a short update from Rev Elisabeth on how we are adapting our ministries and programming while we are taking steps taken to slow the spread of CoVid-19 and how we are preparing for the coming months.

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Resurrection and the Earth: Is it Certain or Swift?

I grew up on the western edge of the Pennines (a moorland ridge that dissects Northern England.) It’s a part of the world where Spring arrives slowly, and some might also say uncertainly,

Resurrection and the Earth

50th Anniversary of Earth Day
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This Slow but Certain Resurrection

How very different this all is!?
We are not used to telling this story sitting in ashes, are we?
“We” being those of us well-healed, normally safe, first-world inhabitants, who enjoy Easter as a show-off Sunday when we pull out all the stops…

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This is an at-home worship resource that re-tells the story of the last week of Jesus’ life, from the Palm Parade day, when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, until the morning of “Good Friday”—the day Jesus was crucified. It is based on the Gospel of Matthew.

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