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Take another look–you’ll see God!

Every July at Cedar Park United, we purposefully put our programming and meetings on “pause” so we can slow down, pay attention and notice the wonders of everything around us.

When we choose to do this, two things happen: Our perspectives change, and we may well see God more.

The Summer Sabbath Guide has been created as a source of inspiration to get you started on your own Sabbath journey. You’ll find some imagery to kickstart your imagination as well as some practical ideas for living out this Sabbath time.

At the end of the Guide, you’ll find some pages you can use as a Summer Sabbath journal. You can record your favourite experiences of God with you during the month of July—we’ll get to share our highlights when we come back together in August

You can pick up a print copy of the Guide at Cedar Park, or download the digital copy here. Feel free to share it with a friend or a neighbour.





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