Child Baptism

Parents face many opportunities and challenges in raising their children. From infancy onward, the values parents hold and the commitments they make help to shape their child’s life. Ultimately, of course, each child grows into adulthood assuming personal responsibility for the life that is his or her own. But what the parent does in these ‘growing’ years opens some doors and closes others. The choices a parent makes are important.

child baptism

Baptism is a sacrament of belonging; a welcoming of a child into the Christian church. Baptism is not just a social custom or a superstition. It is a choice to bring a child into Christian community in which that child can grow in his or her faith and learn, along with the parent, more about God and Jesus.
Growing in love and faith and life that’s what the Christian community is all about!

Baptism takes place during the regular worship service.

Below are the baptismal vows for parents of young children. If baptism sounds like something you would like to explore, please contact our minister.

Baptismal Vows for Parents of Children

Do you present your child for baptism, clearly understanding that this is the first step toward responsible membership in the Christian Church?

Response: Yes, we do.

Do you yourself believe in God that God’s ways and love are known in Jesus Christ; that God is active in today’s world and that our lives have meaning as we respond to God in faith and trust?

Response: Yes, we do.

Do you promise to help your child come to know Christ through teaching, by personal example, and through your life together as a family?

Response: Yes, we do.

Will you encourage your child to participate with you in the worship and life of the church, that (he/she) may be prepared for (his/her) later decision about confirmation?

Response: Yes, we will.

Adult Baptism

If you are an adult who has never been baptized or joined a church community and would like to discuss faith and spiritual life with our minister, please contact our minister.

Questions for Adult Baptism

Do you believe in God; that God’s ways and love are known in Jesus Christ; that the Spirit of God is active in the world, giving our lives meaning and hope?

Answer: Yes, I do.

Do you promise to continue to learn and grow in your faith,
sharing your insights and questions, and listening to the insights and questions of others?

Answer: Yes, I do.

Do you promise to participate in the worship and work of this church, sharing your gifts and abilities to strengthen this congregation’s ministry to all persons?

Answer: Yes, I do.

Will you try to respond to God’s love in your life, so that you may discern how God may be calling you into discipleship?

Answer: Yes, I will.