Grateful to God for the goodness of Creation, and celebrating God’s call to us to share with God in the care of our planet, Cedar Park United Church covenants to live with respect in creation by making every effort possible to practice responsible environmentalism by reusing, reducing, recycling, composting, redistributing, and continually seeking new ways to improve our environmental practices in our church home and in our community.

We also seek and encourage participation by our tenants and members as partners in this mission.

Environmental awareness and education are elements in all our programming.

Environmental considerations are an integral part of all our decision-making and goal setting.

In committing ourselves to this ministry of ecology, Cedar Park United Church has adopted the following specific practices. These practices will be evaluated and updated as needed.

In our WORSHIP, we commit to:

  • Developing a theology of worship that reflects our call to live with respect in creation;
  • Raising awareness of ecological concerns in a theological context;

Challenging our members to be partners in this sacred mission of caring for creation.

In our BUILDING, we commit to:

  • Surveying our energy consumption and fossil fuel use in the three sections of our building (sanctuary, Christian Education Centre, daycare);
  • Evaluating heavy users of energy with a view to reducing usage;
  • Finding ways to rebalance the use of oil and electricity;
  • Exploring alternative energy sources (solar, geothermal);
  • Changing high-energy use appliances to higher efficiency appliances;
  • Identifying or creating venues within the community where used products and appliances can be reused and/or exchanged.

In our KITCHEN and FOOD CHOICES, we commit to:

  • Using “green” products for cleaning whenever possible;
  • Engaging in wet-waste pickup programs as they are developed by the municipality;
  • Using fair trade coffee and tea;
  • Encouraging fair trade and local food consumption.

In our PRODUCT CONSUMPTION, we commit to:

  • Encouraging all users of our building to use recycling bins;
  • Using products made from post-consumer materials;
  • Meeting with tenants to encourage them to use chemical-free “green” products and to reduce the use of disposable products;
  • Reducing our use of packaging materials, Styrofoam and plastics and asking the same of our suppliers, caterers, tenants, etc.;
  • Recycling printer cartridges;
  • Increasing awareness about hazardous waste disposal and municipal eco-programs through our website calendar;
  • Discouraging the use of bottled water.

In our TRANSPORT, we commit to:

  • Encouraging carpooling programs and use of alternative forms of transport in our community;
  • Encouraging members of the community to buy and to advocate for cleaner cars;
  • Encouraging members to make a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint;
  • Emphasizing the benefits of alternative forms of transport;
  • Reducing car usage through teleconferencing or emailing in lieu of meetings.