The full text is below, but the shorter version here was developed in early 2014

Covenant for Harmony short version 2014 Final

Commitment to Community

We are a community of Christians who seek to live together in loving covenant following Jesus and his teachings.

We live and exercise this participation within the governance and the spirit of the United Church of Canada.


We recognize that everyone has wisdom and talents to offer.

We will work to create a culture of inclusiveness.

We will strive for full participation.


We will treat each other the way we would like to be treated, and so:

  • We commit to caring for the well being of this community and invite persons to speak for themselves with honesty.
  • We commit to providing a safe environment where ideas can be nurtured and discussed.


We will respect diversity of opinion.

We will ensure that all voices have the opportunity to be heard.

We will use nonjudgmental language and behaviour.

We will strive to understand the other person’s view.

We will commit to open communications between and among individuals and groups.

Commitment to Process

The Congregational Board, ministries and committees will work in good faith for the best interests of the whole Church.

Our processes will be transparent.

Our community recognizes that conflict will arise and we all commit to caring resolution.

We will create a culture of talking directly to the person or group we disagree with.

We will contribute to the decision making process and support the decisions once they have been made.