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Click on the links in this post for the link to the full Facebook online worship for April 25, 2021 or the link to the sermon text and video clips

You’re invited to participate in our Good Friday worship experience on Facebook Live.

This includes Sunday worship, all in-house programming and weekday gatherings.

Coffee House Players for the evening: Bob BirnieJohn DykemanRev. Dr. Elisabeth R. Jones“A Little R&R” (Richard Bastien & Ricky Buche)Joseph Pilon Karlheinz SchulerArmina VillafaneCathie Weldon Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds (W. Shakespeare) – Bob Birnie Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day? (W. Shakespeare) – Bob Birnie A Time For…

Against All The Odds: Joy!

Joy shall come to the wilderness! – all the more exuberant for its unexpected interruption into the narrative of dormancy, or worse, death.

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(How) To Be the Ones Who Show Compassion

We are called to be neighbour
to our earth siblings in need.
We are called to be “The Ones who show compassion.”

Click here to access your map to Cedar Park United. Which line are you on? Where are you headed? Where do you want to get off to explore? Cliquez ici pour acceder à votre carte pour l’église unie Cedar Park. Vous êtes sur quelle ligne? Vous partez dans quelle direction? Où voulez-vous descendre pour explorer?

Drop-in Beginners Line Dance Classes with Susan Knight. 

Community choir’s concert proceeds donated to cancer wellness centre.

Learn more about how rugs support people.

Bring your food donation for the Christian Action Chrétienne (CAC) Food Bank.

Social justice in our own backyard: You can make a difference!

Wet and cold on the outside, jubilant on the inside.

Come enjoy a gorgeous slide show!

A Family Life Centre event on Feb. 27.

Tickets are available now in support of this great cause.

“The 100% Certainty” is a workshop open to all.

Over $4,000 in proceeds donated to charity.

Three different services to meet your needs

What do you get for the person that has everything?

An invitation to join Cedar Park’s augmented adult choir this Christmas season…

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