Cedar Park United has been an active part of the Pointe Claire village neighbourhood community for generations. Our building has been home to Alcoholics Anonymous,  Scout Troupes,  Meals on Wheels, Bridge Groups, Bazaars,  aCPE daycare, and special events galore.  We were committed founding partners in the Dix Mille Villages store on the Village High Street for over 20 years, and we remain committed to contributing space, time and talent to the wellbeing of the neighbourhood.

Our current commitments involve providing rehearsal and concert venue space for the  Voices for Hope community choir. Our kitchen supports the work of Meals on Wheels, and other special food security programmes of TQSOI and Corbeille de Pain , and supporting organizations which provide food to Montreal’s homeless people.  Our commitment to addressing isolation among senior populations in the West Island is expressed in our collaboration with  Les Petits Freres/Little Brothers .   Our commitment to social justice beyond our walls finds expression in a variety of social justice programmes and activities, including but not limited to support for refugeed people, here in Canada and worldwide.