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We All Stand Together

initiative of Free the Children and the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative

From February 24 to March 7, 2014, a new daily fact about Aboriginal Peoples’ culture, experiences, rights and history will be posted here.  Each fact will be accompanied by background information to help you dig deeper to gain a better understanding of the experiences of Aboriginal Peoples.  You can have it emailed to you too.

Fact 1 (Feb 24)

Fact 2 (Feb 25)

Fact 3 (Feb 26)

Fact 4 (Feb 27)

Fact 5 (Feb 28)

Fact 6 (Mar 3)

Fact 7 (Mar 4)

Fact 8 (Mar 5)

Fact 9 (Mar 6)

Fact 10 (Mar 7)

Why should you join the conversation?

1,400,685 people across Canada identified themselves as either First Nations, Métis, or Inuit. Together, Canada’s Aboriginal peoples comprise the fastest growing segment of Canada’s population, with youth making up a large proportion. This generation of youth is an essential part of Canada’s future. It’s time to learn from our past and build a future together.

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